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Bulls Team Awards!

10/04/2021 10:20 AM -

2021 Bulls Team awards


LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Lethbridge Bulls are very proud and extremely honored to present the following awards.


The awards go to.


  • Rookie of the year: Carlin Dick
  • Community Player: Ty Penner
  • Top Hitter: Noah Or
  • Top Pitcher: Flynn Ridley
  • MVP: Mike Fitzsimmons and Noah Or


We would like to say congratulations to our entire team and the dedication they have had throughout the season. We could not have had such and amazing year without every player, staff members, and volunteer, we thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication to an amazing season.

Here is a little background and quote from our award winners.

Carlin Dick, this young man has always been a great athlete from playing at the Vauxhall Academy to his days playing Basketball in Vauxhall earning MVP honors and team captain. In 44 games over 3 seasons, batted .340 with eight doubles, three triples and 37 RBI. This gentleman is a natural athlete.

 “It was a unique season, tough playing teams so many times but in the end winning the championship with a great group of guys makes it very special.”

Ty Penner, this young man is a very talented athlete right from our hometown of Lethbridge. He has been an amazing athlete to represent Lethbridge and continues to make us proud. From being a star in the Vauxhall Academy. In 121 games in over 3 seasons, batted a .347 with 27 doubles and 66 RBI. A talented young athlete.    

I’m honored to receive the ‘Community Player Award’. It means a lot to me to be able to play for my hometown team, and I feel very to represent the Bulls and the entire Lethbridge baseball community wherever I go. I have received so much help and support from so many great people within the Lethbridge baseball community, and I would not be where I am today without there help. There are too many people to name names, but I would like to thank all of my coaches and teammates, as well as all of the amazing Bulls staff, from our trainer Gordo to the lovely ladies who prepare our pre-game meals. I’d also like to thank the Bulls for giving me the opportunity to represent my hometown again this summer and for always being a first-class organization. Finally, I’d like to thank the Lethbridge fans. Not only does the energy and support they bring every night make it that much easier to play, but talking to fans, kids, and friends after the game is one of my favorite things about playing in Lethbridge.”

Noah Or, this young man was an athlete in his hometown of Richmond B.C., where he went on to play for the University of Jamestown. Always making his hometown proud of the athlete he has become. In 93 games over 4 seasons, batted .428 with 24 doubles, 1 triple and 58 RBI. We are very proud of that swing.

 “I was welcomed with open arms by everyone and that made this a great summer.”

Flynn Ridley, this young athlete has a great arm. From growing up in Burnaby B.C. to playing for the Cascade, he has continued to impress everyone around him with his athletics. In over 2 seasons with a great record of 3.03 ERA, 4.27 RA9, 26 GP and a whopping 72 strike outs with 291 batters faced.

 “We came together as a team, and we were a close bunch of guys and that showed on the field.”

Mike Fitzsimmons, with this young athlete being one of our MVP his hometown of Chilliwak B.C. is very proud of the star he is becoming. From his hometown of Chilliwak to playing for the Abbotsford Cardinals he has continue to rise as an athlete. In 99 games over 3 seasons, batted .355 with 21 doubles, 3 triples and 52 RBI. We will continue to be proud of this fine young man.

 “Playing for the Lethbridge Bulls at Spitz Stadium was unreal and helped me develop into a better player and leadoff hitter.”

Again, we thank all the fans, staff members, players, coaches, and the city of Lethbridge.


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