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Lethbridge Bulls Mourn the Loss of Robert Hogue

12/11/2017 4:49 PM -


The Lethbridge Bulls are deeply saddened to hear about the sudden loss of alumni Robert Hogue over the weekend. Rob was a left handed pitcher who pitched for the Bulls during the 2008 and 2009 seasons.


On the afternoon of November 29th Rob was involved in a workplace accident and was rushed to the ICU at the UofA hospital. Rob was placed in a medically induced coma in hopes he could recover from the injuries suffered. Heartbreakingly, Rob was unable to pull through and passed away over the weekend. Robert is survived by his immediate family which includes: his father Rob Sr. (Hogie), mother Carmen, brothers Ken, Steven, and Brandon. Rob had a son named Jaxson who lives in Thunder Bay with his mom. Jodi and Rob were raising Jodi's two girls here in Lethbridge at the time of the accident.


“Rob was a great guy to have on the team.  Both him and (brother) Steve loved the game of baseball and made sure it was fun for them and their teammates.  He was always a pleasure to see at Alumni events and times he would visit the programs as an alumni,” Under the Lights President/CEO Kevin Kvame commented on Monday.


The Bulls are entering their 20th season in 2018 while PBA is entering their 24th year and with the players  in the 19-22 age range on average, it seems far too early to be memorializing alumni players.  Kvame ended by saying, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Jodi, Rob's son Jaxson, and the girls, Steve, and the rest of Rob’s family and friends at this difficult time.”


Robert’s family has created a GoFundMe page to help with costs related to his accident and to set up a trust for his young family. The Lethbridge Bulls are happy to see such an amazing response from Rob’s friends and family. If you would like to check out the page, and/or donate to the family please click here.


Rob’s friends and family have spoken about having a ceremony or celebration in the spring during baseball season, and we will let you know when we have more information.