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2018 Roster


Jesse Sawyer

Position: Head Coach
Height: 0' 0"   Weight: 0 lbs
Resides: Lethbridge, AB
Smartphone Used: Iphone 8
Favorite Non- Baseball Sport: Golf
Favorite App: Fantasy Sports
Favorite Music Artist: 90s Rock
Favorite Baseball Team: Blue Jays
Favorite Baseball Player: Ken Griffey Jr.
Favorite Restaurant: Q'Doba
Favorite Television Show: Suits
Favorite Meal: A good steak
Reality Show You Would Like To Be On: Survivor
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Energy Drinks
All Time Favorite Movie: Tin Cup
Favorite Place You've Visited: Tulum, Mexico
Hobbies: Golf
Biggest Phobia or Superstition: Never **** with a winning streak!
Warm-Up or Walk-Up Song: Johnny Cash - God's Gunna Cut You Down
Favorite Quote: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.
If We Could Play A Series At One Ballpark, Where Would It Be?: Fenway Park


# Name POS
0 Brett Mercier C
0 Jaret Semeniuk C
24 Carter Witbeck C


# Name POS
0 Dylan Borman IF
0 Nick Ankermann IF
0 Blake Macdonald IF
0 Darius Carter IF
0 Ashton Roy IF
0 Kaleb Warden IF


# Name POS
0 Lachlan Mayo OF
0 Grant Schmidt OF
0 Hank Forrest OF
0 Dustin Braun OF
12 Brett Semeniuk OF
30 Jesse Hilyard OF


# Name POS
0 Andrew Grieder P
0 Ben Erwin P
0 Liam Sabiston P
0 Jaden Griffin P
0 Chris Stodolka P
0 Bryce Oriold-Fraser P
0 Chris Koehler P
0 Seth Spangler P
0 Kai Poffenroth P
0 Kyle Poapst P
0 Chris Messer P
0 Austin Tambellini P
44 Kale Penner P


# Name POS
0 Jesse Sawyer Head Coach
0 Joel Blake Assistant Coach
0 Luc Hebert Pitching Coach